Good Riddance Laser Tattoo Removal, LLC

Good Riddance Laser Tattoo Removal, LLC

Good Riddance Laser Tattoo Removal

About Good Riddance Laser Tattoo Removal in Pueblo, Co.

At Good Riddance we use state-of-the-art advanced laser technology. Our Quanta Q- Plus EVO is known for being unmatched to most lasers out there as it can treat all spectrum of pigment colors and gentle enough on all skin types. This laser has been known to provide consistent results while leaving the skin undamaged. We are determined to provide the best care and outcome for our clients, that is why we use one of the most advanced lasers in our industry. With us you will feel comfortable knowing that your session will be with an experienced laser certified technician and certified laser owner and operator.

About our background and passion for the business

Owner and laser operator of Good Riddance Laser Tattoo Removal, LLC, Glen Colorado native has had 25 years of experience following the tattoo industry. From collecting tattoos from world known artists, to forming personal relationships with local tattoo artists in Pueblo, CO. Glen started removing some of his oldest ink back in 2018 and took a big interest in laser tattoo removal. In 2021 Glen made his passion turn into reality when he decided to get certified in LTR and open his very own, very first laser tattoo removal clinic in Pueblo. He feels very dedicated to helping locals remove their ink considering he is the first and only one to make this accessible. By his side is his wife, Marisa. She has also had experience with LTR as she started her own tattoo removal journey back in 2012. In 2021 she decided to become LTR certified with her husband Glen and take on this business journey together. Marisa has also been working in the medical field for 7 years. With her medical background and Glenโ€™s extensive knowledge of tattoos, them together make a power duo that you can trust to remove your ink!ย 

Book a Free Consultation with us today and receive a quote

Book a Free Consultation with us today and receive a quote.

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