Good Riddance Laser Tattoo Removal, LLC

Good Riddance Laser Tattoo Removal, LLC

Good Riddance Laser Tattoo Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Quanta laser works by targeting the ink pigment that is located in the dermis and shatters the ink into tiny particles. At that point your body’s natural lymphatic system will detect those particles as a foreign body and will remove the ink through your body’s natural process.

Yes, we encourage those seeking a cover- up to receive some LTR sessions before jumping into a cover- up. This ensures that the canvas is going to be able to get the tattoo of their dreams with a wider variety of options they can have. When seeking laser tattoo removal not everyone wants to get rid of their tattoo completely. This process is achievable and only requires fewer sessions as opposed to full removal.

No, with accurate training and a skilled technician there will be no scars left behind from laser tattoo removal treatments. It is also up to the client to follow proper aftercare instructions that will be provided at your appointment.

Our prices are customized to each individual tattoo. As a local business we aim to make tattoo removal more affordable as opposed to franchised tattoo removal clinics. We offer a variety of discounted packages and payment plans such as “Care Credit”. Also, we offer a 10% discount to all Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders and those who are traveling from outside of Pueblo County (with proof). It is recommended that a free consultation is scheduled prior that way we can provide the most accurate quote for you. 

LTR typically requires more than 1 session to completely remove your tattoo. The number of sessions are unpredictable as all tattoos are unique and have different variables such as, tattoo color, skin tone, saturation of ink, location of tattoo, health and lifestyle of the client, amateur vs. professional tattoo and age of tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal treatments only takes a fraction of the time it takes to get the tattoo (seconds to minutes). We also use our cryo “Zimmer” machine which blows out -30º degree air. This cool air allows us to topically numb the skin while ensuring the heat from our laser is not trapped under the skin.

Yes, we can treat all pigment colors thanks to our multi wavelength laser.

10% Travel Discount (With Proof), Military, First Responder, Law Enforcement.

Yes, we offer both Cherry and Care Credit
( Click here for the Care Credit Application )